Los Alamos, July 2011

Professional Titles:

Professor Physics & Director Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT), University of Southern Denmark;

External Research Professor, Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA;

Scientific Team Lead, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA (20 years, Alien of Extraordinary Abilities);

Founder of Initiative for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP), Denmark;

Co-founder of European Center for Living Technology, Venice, Italy;

Activities & Interests: Assembly of minimal artificial life in the lab (“bottom up” synthetic biology). I have been leading research teams in the US and across Europe for the last 10 years towards creating life from scratch. Other scientific interests include Scientific Social Responsibility, Regional Sustainability and Collective Intelligence;

Awards, Hobbies and Fun Facts: Science Achievement Awards in Denmark and the US; Lead on large international research grants in the US and Europe; Competitive track and field (high jump and high hurdle); Farm hand at Aagaarden, Denmark; Night watcher at the Queen’s Castle in Fredensborg, Denmark; Sailed for many years mainly in Denmark and the Caribbean.

Las Vegas, July 2011

Los Alamos, July 2011


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  1. Thank you for starting this blog. We need more sane people in this world to speak up and demand a higher understanding of life and the world we live in. Looking forward to reading your blogs.

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