Welcome to my blog where I will discuss science, current events and personal experiences.

For the last 10 years I have been leading research teams in the US and across Europe towards creating life from scratch in the lab. In this blog I intend to tell stories from the front lines in our labs as well as bring other exciting news from my end of the woods and wonderlands.

However, my experiences as a working scientist and a science manager have over the years sharpened my sense of Scientific Social Responsibility, both for what we do in the lab and for what policy-makers, industry and the press make of science.

I have decided to start blogging because I increasingly worry about a lack of using our best knowledge both as input to our policy decisions and for the public and democratic discourse. The strong populistic winds currently blowing across large parts of the world at times recklessly ignore crucial scientific facts as well as common sense. Ideology can be good, but it must be informed.

While we are getting the blog ready to launch I invite you to visit my home institutions at Center for Fundamental Living Technology, Santa Fe Institute & Initiative for Science, Society and Policy.

Thank you for stopping by.

Steen Rasmussen